How the US government failed on rise of domestic extremism, CES preview: 5 Things podcast

NBA's Kyrie Irving is expected to return tonight despite being unvaccinated, plus the Talking Tech podcast guys preview CES: 5 Things podcast

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  1. If by 'extremism' you mean the disgusting 'woke' libtard policies that are destroying the free world these last 20 years then YES absolutely they fkn failed at stopping it!

    Stop call freedom loving people extremists and terrorists! You scum are the terrorists and justice is coming for you soon!

    You will have to kill billions of us to stop us ...which we know you are trying to do with your "vaccines" that we KNOW are anything but vaccines. Vaccines are supposed to protect people from getting and spreading a virus. These do neither!

    And you try to kill us with your abortions and your poisons in the food and water and with your wars and your greed and all your other anti-human policies!

    You scum have all the money and power in the world and you are still useless, miserable cockroaches headed for Hell! That is why you hate normal people that are happy without all your money and filth and have a relationship with our Creator and are headed home to Heaven one day!

    You are scum and WE THE PEOPLE know it and are done tolerating your filth! We are happy Satan and his minions call us terrorists, that means we are on the right side of this war!

    Do what you must but just know that every day more and more people are opening their eyes and standing up to fight you satanic, anti-human, God hating scum!

    Even if you win this war you will still have to face God and His wrath! Either way you evil fucks lose!

    And if WE THE PEOPLE win you scum will be charged for crimes against humanity and will be hanged and all your stolen trillions worth of assets will be given back to the people!

    You have declared war on us and our children so war it is then!