Vaccinated Americans immune to worst of COVID, Biden's Jan. 6 speech: 5 Things podcast

What Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients should do about boosters, plus a recap of President Biden's January 6 address: 5 Things podcast

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  1. LMAO! The vaccinated are the ones that getting way sicker and have way higher rates of infection that the unvaccinated. FACT! Go look at REAL research anyone who doesn't believe it. The fake news propaganda is owned by the same corporations that own the vaccines and are pushing them on you!

    They are the same globalist scum that for years now have been calling humanity a cancer and saying the world is overpopulated! You wanna trust them to inject you and your kids with a "vaccine" that has been proven to not protect you from getting or spreading the virus?! SO by definition it is not a vaccine! And if you are vaccinated then why are you wearing a mask still? And why are you so worried about people who arent vaccinated? Whats the point of getting the jab then?

    WAKE UP! You are being lied to and you are being a fool just repeating a bunch of propaganda that your TV told you!

    This is a depopulation agenda. Bill Gates and the rest of these globalist scum have admitted it!

    Do your research! Its easy to find!

    Go to brandnewtube or to banned . video or to Project Veritas or any of the other countless alternative media sources out there that do REAL reporting and are exposing the agenda and are fighting for YOUR freedoms and YOUR kids futures!

    Join us and help us fight back before its too late. This is not a joke. Its life or death and the fate of the entire world and the entire human race is as stake!

    Just use your common sense and ask questions then go seek the answers to those questions!

    Why do you think media is pushing this crap so hard and censoring the truth and firing all the doctors and nurses that are exposing the things they are seeing?

    Its a PLANDEMIC to kill and enslave ALL of humanity! These scum bag billionaire globalists are pure evil.

    If you do not wake up and do some research and fight back then you deserve what happens!

    What happened to humanities common sense? Why are you so quick to trust government? Look at history and their track records! They are insanely evil and humanities worst enemy! ALWAYS! And these mega corporate billionaires that own our politicians are even worse!

    Isnt it funny how churches and gyms and small businesses have to lockdown and close and go bankrupt but the mega corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonalds and the LGBT bard get to stay open?! And you still think its about your health and about protecting you? WAKE UP!

    Its a fact too that approx. 30% of the population is hypnotized and brainwashed from flicker rates and subliminal messages on their TV and phone screens! WAKE UP! They are killing you!