Trevor Strnad, The Black Dahlia Murder performer, kicks the bucket at 41: ‘It was his life to be your show’

Trevor Strnad, lead singer of the demise metal band The Black Dahlia Murder, has kicked the bucket. He was 41.
The band declared Strnad’s demise in an Instagram post from their authority account on Wednesday.
“It is with profound bitterness that we declare the death of Trevor Scott Strnad,” the post read. “Dearest child, sibling, and Shepard of great times, he was adored by all that met him. A mobile reference book of everything music.”
A reason for death was not given. The band finished up the post with the telephone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
The Black Dahlia Murder was framed in Waterford, Michigan, by Strnad, guitarists Brian Eschbach and Jon Kemppainen, bassist David Lock and drummer Cory Grady in 2002, when they delivered “A Cold-Blooded Epitaph” EP.
They delivered their presentation studio collection “Unhallowed” in 2003, trailed by eight more.
The band proceeded to open for individual demise metal band Children of Bodom “on celebration stages across the United States and Europe” following the progress of their fourth collection “Deflorate” in 2009, as per AllMusic.
Strnad’s last collection with the band, “Verminous,” was delivered in April 2020.
“He was a hugger, an author, and really one of the world’s most prominent performers,” the band’s post finished up. “His verses gave the world stories and spells and repulsiveness and eccentricity. It was his life to be your show.”

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