Manhattan Absorbs More Office Space in Q2

In view of new information from worldwide property specialist CBRE, Manhattan’s Midtown, Downtown and Midtown South office markets in Q2, 2022 saw by and large certain retention thump accessibility down 30 premise focuses (bps) to 19.2%.

Manhattan generally recorded 5.94 million sq. ft. of renting movement during Q2, 5% higher than the past quarter, however 4% beneath the five-year quarterly normal. Year-to-date renting of 11.62 million sq. ft. is up 83% from a similar time last year and 3% over the five year-to-date normal. Net ingestion was positive 976,000 sq. ft. in Q2 2022.

“The flight-to-quality pattern assumed the main part in renting movement, especially in Midtown, as a few occupants focused on the most current, top tier office space with conveniences that enticement for their representatives,” remarked Nicole LaRusso, Senior Director of Research and Analysis, U.S. North Region.

Midtown saw 4.24 million sq. ft. of renting in Q2 2022, a 25% increment from the past quarter and 11% over the five-year normal. Critically, year-to-date renting of 7.62 million sq. ft. is 90% over the figure recorded simultaneously last year and an obvious sign of Midtown’s bounce back. Net assimilation was positive 1.15 million sq. ft. during Q2, while the accessibility rate dropped 50 bps over the past quarter to 18.1%, yet 30 bps over a similar period last year.

While quarterly renting in Midtown South of 1.1 million sq. ft. was 22% not exactly the past quarter and 13% behind the five-year normal, year-to-date renting action adding up to 2.5 million sq. ft. is up 92% from a similar time a year ago. Like Midtown, net assimilation in Midtown South was on the positive side for the quarter, at 195,000 sq. ft. At 18.9%, the accessibility rate diminished 20 bps from last quarter and was down 50 bps from one year prior.

As per CBRE, renting eased back in the Downtown market during Q2. Mirroring this, Q2 renting action of 606,000 sq. ft. is 32% lower than the past quarter and 44% underneath the market’s five-year quarterly normal. Nonetheless, year-to-date renting of 1.49 million sq. ft. is 43% higher than a similar time in 2021. Because of lukewarm renting, Downtown posted negative net ingestion of 365,000 sq. ft. in Q2. The accessibility rate expanded to 22.6%, up 40 bps from the past quarter and up 250 bps from the earlier year.

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