About Us

About Us
At My US Times, we report with sympathy and put individuals at the core of each story. We adopt a human first strategy in all that we report—be it news and governmental issues or way of life and amusement—and we spread genuine anecdotes about reality. Despite what your identity is, the place you live or what you accept, you can rely on My US Times to enable you to explore what's going on the planet and how it influences you. We think about the necessities, interests and interest of our users in the entirety of our reporting. In the event that something matters to our users, it makes a difference to us. 

At My US Times we: 
Tune in to our users and spread the subjects that issue to them; 
Spread a various scope of subjects and alternate points of view in a true, relatable voice; 
Are genuinely both worldwide and nearby, with privately staffed newsrooms and releases far and wide; 
Incorporate an assorted variety of voices that are not in every case some portion of the discussion. 

US Times attempts to be precise in its detailing, straightforward and careful in its sourcing, and reasonable and free in its investigation.
Our commitment to produce a quality publication has made US Times indispensable to the countries included. It's our policy to correct errors swiftly and transparently. If you find one, please contact us adops@myustimes.com with a link and a description of what you believe is incorrect.

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