Is America’s weed habit dangerous?

June 7, 2024 0

FEW RICH countries have taken to legal weed quite like America. Although federal regulation remains tight, the drug is legal for recreational use in 24 states and for medical use in 38. One in six Read More

China unites America and Europe in alarm

June 7, 2024 0

REMINDERS OF a wicked world are multiplying at the Arvfurstens Palace in Stockholm, stately seat of Sweden’s foreign ministry. A bronze briefcase, bearing the initials RW, has for some years stood outside the front door. Read More

How the Philippines is turning the water-cannon on China

June 7, 2024 0

“TRANSFORMATIVE”, “historic”, “eloquent”: such are the compliments which American officials these days shower on Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippines’ president. After a six-year dalliance with China by his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, Mr Marcos’s re-embrace of America Read More

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